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Case study: Jewel

Oftentimes, the best advice and peace of mind comes from the sharing of others' experiences. With our dogs, it's important that we know our care and treatment of their injuries and ailments is done with the utmost attention, so their recovery is speedy and thorough. Here, Vetericyn shares with us a real-life case study.

Jewel is a four-year-old Great Pyrenees who suffered two ruptured cruciate ligaments and a luxiating patella (dislocated kneecaps).  Needless to say, Jewel has had her fair share of joint issues.  In order to alleviate her ailments and allow somewhat normal mobility, Jewel’s vet recommended surgery.

Unfortunately, the recovery process was not a smooth one.  Complications developed soon after the procedure with an additional ruptured ligament, causing a necessary second surgery.  Issues persisted over the course of several weeks (a third and final surgery was also performed) and Jewel had to remain under constant vet supervision. 

When the time finally came to bring Jewel home, her family was faced with the continued care of her incisions and wounds. “With each bandage change, I spray her entire wound with Vetericyn,” said Jewel’s owner.  “I love this product.  I really believe it has made a huge difference in the healing time.  I know we still have a ways to go, but at this rate, she'll be watching over the cows again in no time.”

Follow Up:

Jewel has since had some time to recover from her multiple surgeries.  While she will always walk with bit of a limp from the various joint a and ligament injuries she sustained, she is still mobile and able to take part in her favorite pastime: spinning in excitement. 

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