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Summer Travel: Road Trips - Brought to You by Best Western

The summer months are a great time to hit the road! Here are some tips for bringing along your canine family members.

  1. Plan ahead.The trip begins when you start loading your luggage, your children, and, of course, your dog into the car. Make this process as calm as you can by preparing in advance. If you get ready at the last minute, your dog will sense your anxiety and tension, and that will make him concerned about what's going on. Instead, let him know you've got everything under control, and share your positive feelings about the journey ahead!
  2. Book rooms in advance. Many hotels do not allow dogs, so it's important to plan your stops in advance and find a dog-friendly location. When the Dog Whisperer crew is on the road, we often start our search with Best Western. They have over 1,900 pet-friendly properties, so it's easy to find a place to stay no matter where you are traveling. If you travel often, you can also benefit from their free frequent guest program. For details, visit
  3. Take a long walk first. Before you climb in the car, make sure your dog receives proper exercise. If he normally receives a 30 minute walk, extend it to 45 minutes. That way, he'll be even more relaxed to sit in the car for an extended period of time.

  4. Stretch. On a long car ride, stop every four hours during the day for your dogs to take a bathroom break, stretch and experience their new environment. Once the sun goes down, you can travel 8 hours non-stop.

  5. Bring a safety blanket. A favorite blanket, ball, or stuffed animal can comfort your dog. He'll have a little piece of home with him! Having a familiar item can help him to cope with any new and confusing stimulus ahead.

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