Achieving Balance and Harmony


Taking a bite out of bites

Every year in the U.S. alone, nearly five million people are bitten by dogs. Here, Cesar explains the top five reasons dogs bite and the five best ways to prevent dog bites. Read More

Why socialization is important

Like people, dogs can be antisocial, but socialization is vital to having a well-behaved and balanced dog. Cesar explains why.


Moving with your dog

Whether it’s across the street or across the country, here’s what you need to do to make your move as easy as possible for your dogs.

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In honor of Memorial Day, Cesar writes about how our dogs can teach us to live grateful lives. Read More

Dennis the dieting dachshund

The fantastic journey of Dennis, a dachshund who went from fat to fab by losing 75 percent of his body weight. His Pack Leader told us how she was able to get her dog into shape.

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Dog ability

Dogs on a mission can show incredible determination despite obstacles. Cesar shares with us the valuable lesson we can learn from them.

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National Kids & Pets Day

Dogs and kids seem to naturally go together, but there’s one thing that dogs can do for children you probably haven’t thought of. Cesar explains. Read More
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