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Rescuing Choco was a Necessity for Cesar

By Cesar Millan

One of the reasons I rescued Choco is because we clicked. The same as when Daddy chose Junior, it was meant to be.

The second reason I rescued Choco is because as a father I have never exposed my kids to dogs who have a broken anything. We don’t focus on dogs with handicaps. Instead we tend to focus on dogs with aggression, barking, and anxiety. For me as a father, Choco represented the reality of what happens in the world and it was a necessity for me to bring him into my family.

The rehabilitation of Choco is going well. I’m finding what works for him and how I can get him to use his broken leg with something as simple as a plastic bag and duct tape. I call it the Mexican shoe. That’s how people have been creating things throughout history: using whatever they have available to help their animals.

What I’m discovering is that he doesn’t need additional surgeries. What he needs is daily therapy to stretch out his tight ligaments and bring his leg back into normal position. Then he can start walking on that foot again. We’ve spent a lot of time with him swimming and stretching.

In our search to find a better name for Choco that represents his elegance, I especially like two of the names my fans came up with:

  • Sylvia Sango suggested “Argos” because that was the name of Ulysses’s dog, the only one noble greyhound who recognized his owner when he returned from the war. This is an elegant and historic name to honor him with.
  • Wi Ardura suggested “Twenty” because 20% of the abandoned dogs in Spain are galgos (greyhounds), just like him, and he’s the luckiest one. This is an important statistic that will keep me inspired and motivated.

Which name do you like better?

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