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Both You and Your Dog Can Have a Vacation and Enjoy It Too!

By Ellen Douglas

You’ve booked your flight and hotel, you’ve purchased new hiking boots, walking shoes or sandals, and you’ve arranged to be dropped off at the airport. But the most important element of your travel plans is still up in the air: What do you do about your dog so you can actually spend your vacation completely worry-free? According to, a site offering vetted dog hosts in major U.S. cities, you have three choices—board your pet in a confined kennel cage, ask a friend or relative – who’s probably unreliable, or bask in the golden light of responsible dog hosting. Behind door number three is a no-brainer that allows both you and your dog to revel in the experiential essence of getting away.

Your choices for a dedicated dog sitter through DogVacay are exhaustive. You’ll find stay-at-home dog watchers that include retired veterinarians, seniors, artists, and plain old dog lovers. They even provide a concierge service that can do the next to impossible by finding last-minute placements for your pup or make those last-minute cancellations for you. Some dog sitters have premium insurance that will cover any emergency that may arise—DogVacay has also partnered with VCA-Antech, the country’s largest veterinary group, to offer emergency support in should it ever be required. That’s pure peace of mind!

I found two examples of in-demand DogVacay sitters. The first is Tracie Sorrentini Tracie’s Los Angeles area home is a woodland oasis of manicured lawns, extensive landscaped grounds, a water feature and services that include pick-up and drop-off, music, nap time on patio lounge chairs and owner updates via emails, texts and photos. She takes on no more than seven dogs at a time and reigns in her guests in true alpha style. You can see her profile at

If we hop over to Brooklyn, Danielle Rapin offers all the services and care that Tracie does, with the addition of homemade organic food, but only takes on two dogs max. She lives near Prospect Park, the second largest in the city, where her charges are walked three times a day. That alone is true devotion, but she also gives free baths using specialty lavender products, it’s a mini spa-day for your pup! Don’t believe me? You can see for yourself So go grab that trashy airport book, sip a few cocktails and, most of all, start relaxing. Your dog certainly is!

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