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Canine Concierges Bring a Pet Friendly Touch to Manhattan Highrises

By Michael Barmish

Pampering our dogs has long been a given. But for those who live in the concrete jungle of New York City, there are special considerations. Very few homes have outdoor spaces. Owners have long workdays. And while there is no shortage of schools and daycares, researching, selecting, and allowing for an extra few minutes to drop off our pooches, making sure they are well cared for, takes time in a busy, fast-paced society like Manhattan.

One of the biggest concerns for many of us with a demanding lifestyle and dogs that are raised in apartments is a lack of time for walks with our dogs. We come home late and squeeze in a dog walk. That is, if we still have the energy.

But now, a solution is being offered by some of the more swanky New York high-rises that are making life easier for pet owners on the go. Pet concierge services. Services that were once only offered to those of us looking to score tickets to the hottest show in town are now being offered for our pets.

No, dinner reservations are not being made for your dog at the new, hot restaurant in town. Rather, these luxury dog services include doggie day care, dog walking, feeding, and even providing overnight accommodations when owners are out of town. Because it is part of the overall building concierge services, these companies are already pre-screened and approved.

One such company, The Spot Experience, is garnering rave reviews as it continues to sign contracts with New York’s finest residential high rises to include dog concierge services along with its standard offerings. Spot will watch clients’ pets round the clock on high-surveillance cameras that are accessible by the client — a sort of dog-nanny cam — do on-site visits and give training sessions in addition to long-term boarding in a country setting, grooming and transportation. They even have their own private outdoor dog park. To ensure owners that their dogs will receive the best care that money can buy, Spot staffs its locations with certified experts ensuring the best quality care. The Spot Experience plans to launch its services in 56 buildings in Manhattan with plans to expand further, including into Brooklyn.

So next time your concierge secures you tickets to that Broadway show, you know your dog will gain a little indulging of his or her own.

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