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Getting a new dog

We are almost ready to add a Boxer to our family. I want to be as prepared as I can, it has been many, many years since my husband or I have had a dog. Which one of your products do you suggest to help us learn and prepare for a new family member?

Robin Dow

It's good that you're taking precautions and preparing yourself, not only emotionally, but physically and intellectually with the right tools to make this transition. We make and sell these DVDs, not only so we can pay our employees, but also so that people can educate themselves to get ready for big decisions like these. The love and the powerful connection that these tools can help you establish is very important to me.

For you guys, I think I would like to see you start with Your New Dog: First Day and Beyond! The lessons in that DVD will show you how to choose a dog that matches your family's energy, and get the relationship started off right by asserting yourself as the pack leader immediately. That is so crucial. I cover rules, boundaries, and limitations, how to get the whole family involved from the start, the proper way to walk the dog for the first time, and how to introduce a new dog into your home.

You may also find some valuable information in our first DVD, People Training for Dogs. That's a video recording of one of my live seminars, with lots of info on understanding your dog's psychology. You're coming at this from a very intellectual perspective because the dog you want is a specific breed; a boxer. These DVDs cover all aspects – the emotional, the spiritual, and the intellectual – of bringing a dog into your life. It's important to remember that ultimately it doesn’t matter what breed you choose. The most crucial element is the energy you bring home.

And speaking of bringing the dog home, my book A Member of the Family explains integration very well, not only from my perspective, but also from my wife's perspective, and my sons' perspectives. So you get a very wide view of bringing a dog home for the first time and making it a part of your family. I think any or all of these tools will be perfect for your family! Good luck!

Cesar Millan

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