Achieving Balance and Harmony



Sissy is 9 years old, and she’s a hugger; very loving and likes other dogs as long as they aren’t pushy. She likes being inside but gets on the counter and into things. She needs work in that area.

Sissy was retired a couple of years ago because of arthritis in her wrists. She gets joint meds and is sound as long as I don’t ask her to run 10 miles. She is a little overweight and would greatly benefit from daily walks and gentle bike rides or runs.

Sissy ran as a lead dog or just behind the leaders as a swing dog. She was always ready to fill in as leader if anyone needed a break. One of her best skills was to run with the most difficult dog of the whole bunch. No one else would run with him. She not only would run next to him, but would also ride in the dog boxes with him.

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