Achieving Balance and Harmony


Angie and Kelley

Hi, dog lovers! I'm Angie and I'm 15 years old girl from Indonesia, and here's my little girl, Kelley. She's a 3 years old energetic Beagle and loves to swim a lot. We went to a beach just 2 months ago and it was really an unforgettable experience for both of us.
And as always, learning new tricks and different kinds of scents are part of the adventure too. Kelley's curiosity was increasing and increasing as she discovered new interesting stuff like crabs, fish or maybe a coconut.
Traveling with her, always creates a better balanced relationship. During our adventure, I swam to the ocean, and I didn't let Kelley to follow me for it's too deep for her. But she followed me, and after several minutes, she got exhausted and asked for my help. We build more trust and friendship. Sometimes I asked her to ride on me as I swam backwards. After the long adventure, our relationship got better. Unfortunately, I have to go to San Francisco to continue my study. So I can only continue my adventure once a year with her.

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