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Here in Japan, over 70% of the dogs at pounds are put down. So when my wife came home with a rescued dachshund, I was torn. I love dogs, but I didn t think it would be fair to keep him in a busy city like Tokyo. So I allowed the little guy to stay, but I put my foot down: we would only keep him until a good home could be found, and we were not to give him a name. That way we wouldn t grow too attached to our temporary guest. That was three years ago now, and needless to say, this pooch isn t going anywhere. My rule about naming did stick, though (sort of). In Japanese,  Nashi means  none, so the sentences  He has no name and  His name is Nashi are identical.
I still feel that Tokyo is a bit urban for a dog, so we go to the countryside much more now. Also, since domestic travel is our only vacation option with a dog, Nashi has helped us to discover parts of Japan that we never would have explored otherwise. This photograph was from our recent camping trip to a beautiful little island called Shiraishi.

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