Achieving Balance and Harmony


Tolmie State Park

My pack is big and challenging and I love them all, four 2-legged boys, three 4-legged boys, and finally one 4-legged girl! We take advantage of the rare sunshine in the Pacific Northwest by taking the pack to a beautiful park in the Pacific Northwest. Though sunshine can be hard to find, beautiful parks are not. This was taken in early Spring 2012 on a beautiful Saturday afternoon at Tolmie State Park in Lacey, WA. This park offers beautiful trails and beaches, the best of both worlds, something for everyone. In this picture, on the bench are 18-year-old Fabian, myself (no need to comment on my age, of course), 6-year-old Symon, 10-year-old Noah, and 17-year-old Dillon, and at the second row includes 10-year-old Jelly, 3-year-old Dunkin, 1-year-old Donut, and last but not least, 11-year-old Peanut Butter. That day the dogs sprinted on the beach together, and Peanut Butter and Jelly kept up with Dunkin and Donut just fine, wish I could submit that picture too. We are still working on being a balanced pack, but a day at the park always makes it seem possible!

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