Achieving Balance and Harmony


Bruce Lake Natural Area

Meet Demi. She is a Boxer/Bulldog mix that we recently adopted earlier this summer. She enjoys weekly adventures with our family in which we go hiking on trails that we haven't explored before.
This particular adventure was at Bruce Lake Natural Area in PA, where later she took an unscheduled swim in a swamp, backpack and all. In this picture, Demi watches patiently with my boyfriend in as my father goes for a swim to reach his goal of swimming in 8 new lakes per year. This was her first hike and she did wonderful climbing over boulders and jumping over toppled trees.
Having Demi has not only taught us how to be patient with her, but to be patient with ourselves and others as well. She is not perfect, and neither are we, but our weekly hikes have allowed us to bond and grow stronger as a family (a bond that has not been so strong in the past). Our next task will be getting her accustomed to the canoe, which will be an adventure in itself!

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