Achieving Balance and Harmony


Matthew and Cabo

This is a picture of my dog Cabo and me heading out on an ATV ride in the Idaho Panhandle. Cabo goes everywhere with our family and ATV riding is no exception. It's fun to share our adventures with our family dog; he's a favorite everywhere we go and everyone of course comments on those goofy Doggles he wears but they work great at keeping the dust and rain out of his eyes. As soon as we stop for a break Cabo and my 9 year-old son Mason jump off of the ATVs and start exploring, but when I call out "load up!" they both run back and hop on. One of our friends can't ride behind me anymore because he gets to laughing so hard when Cabo's looking at him with his goggles on and his ears flapping in the wind as we ride. Cabo also likes to go camping, geocaching, swimming, and he loves to shag balls for Mason s baseball team. I hope you like this picture of me and my buddy Cabo.

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