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Dr. Weaver on Dog Whisperer & Howie's New Home

Written by Dr. Sherry Weaver

When Kathy and Kate told me that they were going to submit Howie to Dog Whisperer, I was excited that there might be someone out there who could help him. Of course, it seemed like a long shot that we would be selected, so, when we got the final confirmation, I was ecstatic. I have to be honest that I was not very familiar with Cesar at the time, which made it an extra special surprise when I got to see him in action.  As a veterinarian, I have worked with many trainers, but to see Cesar’s easy, confident style and immediate results was inspiring.

After the team had set up and shot the background story, Cesar arrived. He wanted to know nothing about Howie’s history, so he could just walk in and get to know him with no bias. I swear it happened just as you see it on the show! He walked into the office (which no man has been able to do before) and immediately made contact. His ideas were so direct and insightful that Kate and Kathy were able to implement them in no time at all. You could see why he is called the "dog whisperer”. He instinctively understands what is driving the dog and what has to change. By the end of the day, the changes in Howie were obvious, and that was just the start--think how much better after we worked with him for weeks and months!

It was a full day’s work when all was said and done, but what a day! The Dog Whisperer team was so thoughtful about the fact that we are a functioning medical facility, and everyone was so excited at the prospect of helping Howie after his horrible ordeal. You could tell that this is not just a television show for them but a chance to help people all over the world understand their dogs and improve their relationships. Cesar’s techniques are so applicable to every situation that we are planning to incorporate his book into our staff training protocol.

Finally, I can add a note about the outcome for Howie. After working with him for months, he was able to do things I never had thought possible. He was ready to start meeting forever-home families. After the show aired, we were inundated with calls from well-wishers and people who wanted to adopt him. We were fortunate to have several interested families in our own backyard, and, as of yesterday, he went home with the most wonderful family. We all cried when he left, but they were also tears of joy. We will still get to see Howie for medical care, and the image of our Howie sleeping on a couch in his own home and chasing toys in his own backyard for the rest of his life will be with me forever.

Thank you, Cesar!

Dr. Weaver

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