Achieving Balance and Harmony


Stranger-Fearing Viper and an Anxious Diesel

Season 7 | Episode 11 | Viper and Diesel

As owner and dog handler at All States K9 Detection in Fullerton, California, Chief Harlen “Lamb” Lambert trains dogs to help combat the growing epidemic of contraband cell phones in correctional facilities across the US. Lamb adopted and trained his dog Viper to be a K9 detection dog. However, Lamb has been unable to take Viper into a real prison because of Viper’s fear of strangers and skittish nature. Viper tends to jet when he gets near people he doesn’t know. He has even been known to turn away from Harlen! Can Cesar answer Lamb’s call and transform Viper into a social dog?

And The Burris family lives in Temecula, the wine country of Southern California. Of course, no family is complete without a canine companion, but the family dog, Diesel, took a turn for the worse when his canine companion, Chopper, passed away. Since then, Diesel has let his fears take off. Every morning, hot air balloons practically launch in the Burris’ backyard. When they fly overhead, Diesel digs holes under the fence and tears apart the screen windows and doors trying to get inside. Diesel is destroying the house and the Burris family can’t stand to see Diesel in this anxious state. Can Cesar deflate Diesel’s anxiety and get this canine back under control?

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