Achieving Balance and Harmony


Dog-Aggressive Diego and Zipper-Fearing Berkeley

Season 7 | Episode 12| Diego and Berkeley

Paul Mack served in the Coast Guard for almost five years, but when he got out, the adventure wasn’t over. Paul traveled to Argentina, where he spent a week with a pack of the rare Dogo Argentino, an Argentinean hunting dog. He hunted boar with the large white dogs and their breeder, and at the end of the week, Paul picked out puppy Diego. When he returned to the States, fiancée Kelly, now his wife, fell in love with the ever growing canine. The couple took the dog through puppy and obedience training, but despite their best intentions, Diego developed aggression toward other dogs – something the breed is not known for. Because of Diego’s size, Kelly has a hard time reining him in when he goes into the red zone. Cesar travels down the coast to help this Coast Guard veteran and his wife dilute Diego’s detrimental dog aggression

And while living in New York, Kelly Berry and Peter Pappas adopted Berkeley, a 2-year old terrier/corgi mix. At first Berkeley was shy and timid, but he has since started exhibiting aggressive behavior. And there’s nothing Berkeley hates more than traveling. When the couple tries packing him into his travel carrier, Berkeley goes nuts, lunging ferociously and biting at them. Peter and Kelly figured out that the zippers on the bag are what set him off. They have tried to make the travel bag a good experience with treats and positive re-enforcement but it doesn't work. Kelly and Peter recently moved to Los Angeles and they are hoping to travel back East with Berkeley without his aggressive explosions. Can Cesar get Berkeley to behave in his doggie bag?

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