Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Lapdog Shepherd and a Rubber Boot-Fearing Shepherd/Corgi Mix

Season 1 | Episode 13 | Shep and Sasha

With her white German shepherd, “Shep,” Cynthia Holvenstot is another dog owner who suffers from too much of a good thing. When Shep wants affection, he’s never shy about jumping on top of her…often while she’s trying to work in her garden. Here’s the catch - since Cynthia is wheelchair-bound, Shep’s “loving” often leaves her helpless on the ground, with her chair on its side. Add Shep’s mounting aggressive attitude towards strangers, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Holly, a Shepherd/Corgi mix puppy, was found running down a busy street two and a half years ago. Her name is Holly because Annette Barnett found her on Thanksgiving (Holly is short for Holiday). Just after adopting Holly from the pound, Annette paid thousands of dollars in vet bills THEN the true Holly came out. In addition to being overly protective and aggressive, Holly goes ballistic when she sees any man wearing rubber boots and a hat. This is particularly a problem because Annette’s boyfriend, Michael likes to fish.

The stories in this episode are about the importance of taking control of your dog. Whether playful to the verge of annoyance or feisty to the point of posing a danger to others, Shep and Holly both crave effective discipline in their lives. Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan will show Cynthia and Annette the importance of teaching your dog to become “calm / submissive.”

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