Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Walk Crazy Mutt and a Dog-Aggressive Rottie

Season 1 | Episode 14 | Jake and King

Hollywood director and producer Bob Weide and his wife Linda had not intended to be dog owners. However, during a trip to the SPCA, the couple was expecting to simply drop off some cat toys, not leave with Jake, a mixed breed dog who caught their eyes. Now Jake is a member of the Weide family. Unfortunately, while on walks, Jake tends to mind Bob, but when Linda has the reigns, he goes crazy at the sight of any other animal. This battle on the leash has bruised Linda’s hands and possibly given her tendonitis. She’s convinced that this behavior is part of who Jake is, and there is no hope for rehabilitation.

Chantel Valdivieso, a ten year old child actress, loves palling around with her big brother, a four year old, 150 pound Rottweiler, King. Her mother, Teresa, has recently become concerned about Chantel and King on walks. All of Chantel’s might is hardly enough for King to even take notice. He is now becoming aggressive as well, lunging at other dogs in the neighborhood, with Chantel in tow.

Jake and King are both causing their owner’s headaches as soon as the leash goes on. Though Linda holds no hope and Chantel is overpowered, will Cesar’s guidelines give them the confidence they need?

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