Achieving Balance and Harmony


An Unpredictable Aggressive Beagle and a Dog-Aggressive Pup

Season 1 | Episode 16 | Alice and J

Eight years ago, Janet Cantebury’s kids brought home J, a female Beagle. Janet had no clue this adorable Beagle would have so much baggage! J, now 12-years old, continues her unpredictable, strange aggression. For no reason, J may start barking or growling viciously. After J nipped the leg of a postal lady, the Post Office stopped delivering not only Janet’s mail, but the entire neighborhood’s mail! Now Janet is dealing with a lawsuit, angry neighbors and the possible cancellation of her homeowner’s insurance. Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan comes to Janet and J’s rescue.


Alice was found on the street by Karen Erbach & Patrick Lawlor, when she an 8-week-old puppy. Alice had mange, worms and was in very bad shape, not to mention mean! Karen & Patrick tried to give Alice away, but nobody would take her. When they finally found a home for Alice, she bit her new owner and was promptly returned. Karen and Patrick felt compelled to keep Alice, even though she didn’t get along with their 2 other dogs. Alice has almost bitten off the ear of one of their dogs. The other dogs reject Alice, so she’s very depressed and aggressive – a lethal combination. Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan must teach Karen & Patrick how to properly socialize Alice so she can live harmoniously with the other dogs – and her owners.

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