Achieving Balance and Harmony


Doberman with Separation Anxiety and a Biting Yellow Lab

Season 1 | Episode 19 | Sunshine and Teddy

Sunshine is a perfect champion Doberman in the show ring but on street, she can’t wait to get her teeth on another dog. Any time another canine approaches her, she attacks it. Also, she has become terribly attached to Michelle, her owner…so much so that Michelle can’t even go out on dates alone! Michelle would like Sunshine to be cured of her aggressiveness and separation anxiety so that she can become balanced, both when alone, and around others.

Yellow Labs are know to be friendly, and 7-year old Teddy certainly looks the part, but in reality, he’s dangerously= unpredictable, biting at will. His owners, Lisa and Steve, are constantly on guard, afraid that he’ll bite someone trying to pet him. The problem has increased to the point that they are afraid to go to dog parks. Teddy has even bitten Lisa twice, and has attacked more than one stranger. Lisa and Steve are afraid that Cesar will need padded suit in order to even get close to Teddy, let alone correct him.

Aggressive dogs are Cesar’s specialty, but these two will pose unique challenges. Sunshine not only is aggressive, but also terribly insecure without Michelle.Teddy has become so fearsome, he’s hardly approachable. Will Cesar be able to tame these dogs… and also re-train their owners?

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