Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Child-Aggressive Westie and an Aggressive-Playing Pit Bull

Season 1 | Episode 22 | Percy and Justice

Percy, a picture-perfect three year old West Highland White Terrier, was rescued via the Internet and now has come to live with Diane Engstrom. Percy is a handful, biting anyone who tries to touch his hindquarters. Also, his aggressiveness towards children is what landed him in the adoption center to begin with.

Before Robert Bias got his Pit Bull, Justice as a gift, his family home was quiet, dominated by a laid-back Retriever-Lab mix named Smokey. Now that Justice has arrived, however, there’s no peace in their back yard. Justice is constantly harassing Smokey, and Robert fears her playfulness is escalating toward dangerous aggression. Justice is a high energy dog, but is afraid to go for a walk. She once escaped from the backyard and was hit by a car. Since then she never wants to leave, and when she does, she won’t budge on the leash. She just stays behind the fence, barking and growling aggressively at other dogs who pass by.

Both these dogs lash out in fear. Cesar needs to walk a delicate line while addressing the problems so that no one (human or animal) gets hurt in the process. Helping these dogs become more comfortable with their day to day life will not only keep them balanced, but will also change their owner’s lives.

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