Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Tail-Chasing Dalmatian and an Obsessive Compulsive Red Tick Elizabethan Beagle

Season 1 | Episode 24 | Lucy and Lizzie

Lucy is an odd Dalmatian. At times, she suddenly screams and attacks her tail. At others, she snarls towards larger dogs. Once they notice her, she turns in circles and attacks her own tail. She is affectionate one minute and biting the next. Caroline and Ron, Lucy’s owners, have just had a baby, 3-week old Callison. Concerned for the safety of her child but worried that abandoning Lucy would be a death sentence, they are looking to Cesar for help. This may be Cesar’s toughest challenge yet. Can he save this unusual dog?

Lizzie, a Red Tick Elizabethan Beagle, seems to be on an endless mission. She is obsessed with running, inside or outside. She has worn the grass in the Ortopan’s backyard down to the soil, creating her own track. While their vet has noted that Lizzie certainly gets enough exercise, he has diagnosed the dog as obsessive compulsive. Cesar must figure out a way for the family to redirect this seeming endless amount of energy. Will it be possible for him to convince this marathon runner to take a break?

Dogs that drive their owners crazy are not strangers to Cesar. However, with conditions that could be harmful to a small child and an exercise regimen that could be harmful to the dog itself, will Cesar be able to restore balance and keep everyone safe?

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