Achieving Balance and Harmony


Groomer-Fearing Maltese and a Water-Obsessed Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Season 1 | Episode 4 | Josh and Boomer

Anxiety comes in many forms. In the first story we meet Josh, a lively Maltese who will not let anyone with a brush or pair of scissors near him. He would much rather chase the vacuum cleaner or run in circles around the house. Just try to keep him still and you might get bitten.

In the second segment, we meet Boomer, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever who barks incessantly and refuses to come out of the pool, even after hours of swimming. The barking has the neighbors furious and Jody and Cristy run late for engagements because they cannot tear Boomer away from the water.

In both cases, the owners have let their dogs take over the house. Both need more exercise and more assertive owners. In one case, it looks like the owner may be up to the challenge. As for the other…, well Cesar is not betting on it.

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