Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Wheel-Obsessed Shepherd/Lab Mix and a Shadow-Aggressive Entlebucher Mountain Dog

Season 1 | Episode 5 | Harry and Brooks

Circles and light. Sounds like the a bestseller in the new age section of your local bookstore. Alas, there is nothing calming about either of these items for the two dogs in this episode.

In the case of Harry, circles-specifically the wheels of any vehicle—drive him crazy. Unless owners Beverly Keely and Janet Parker keep a firm grip on the leash, Harry will charge after any passing cyclist, rollerblader or skateboarder, often nipping at their ankles.

For Brooks, light is an obsession. At an early age, some played with Brooks with a light pen, and he has never gotten over the experience. Any shadow, and change in light, will set him off. If a butterfly passes by, he ignores the bug and chases its shadow. He is never calm, never relaxed. He is always, in the words of owner Lorain Nicholson, “in the game.”

In both cases, Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan will show how these dogs can get over their anxious obsession. And he will get results quickly with some basic, but essential techniques with the dogs. The most important aspect is Cesar shows how these dogs can be walked in such a manner that the leash becomes a tool for keeping them focused on the task at hand—walking, and not on bikes, or shadows or other distractions.

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