Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Spinnng Pug/Pekingese and a Herding-Obsessed Bouvier

Season 1 | Episode 8 | Ava and Gus

Nadia Krim recently lost her beloved macho bulldog Barkley. In the wake of his absence, she was reticent to “replace” him, but felt that Ava, a fluffy female Pug/Pekinese was a far enough cry from Barkley. While Ava looks cute in the many costumes Nadia outfits her with, it’s difficult to admire while she’s spinning. Ava swiftly rotates counter clockwise for all occasions: when she’s happy, nervous, scared, sad, etc. She often finds herself underfoot, worrying her owner. Cesar is concerned with this case, as it may be a neurological, rather than behavioral, problem. Will Ava’s affliction be beyond Cesar’s expertise?

14 month old Gus greets people by throwing his 100 pound body at them, regardless of their age, gender or size. He can easily topple a smaller person not prepared for his overpowering expression of love. Also, given a herding instinct at birth, Gus never allows his owners to walk too far away from one another. True to form, he will swing wide around one of them, and prod them back to the “flock.” Cesar takes note of this behavior as a possible clue to what Gus may need in his life. Will Cesar’s hunch regarding Gus’ natural inclination work to calm down this bouncing Bouvier? Only a unique experiment will show if Cesar is, yet again, correct.

Ava and Gus, both overly excited dogs. Be it spinning or jumping, this behavior is beginning to drive both owners’ crazy. Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan will point both cases towards a docile family life, using very different tactics.

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