Achieving Balance and Harmony


Power of the Pack

Season 2 | Episode 20 | Dogs from Dog Psychology Center

Cesar Millan’s Dog Psychology Center is both home and refuge to nearly fifty dogs, boasting canines from celebrity clients to those deemed “unfixable,” to dogs belonging to the Millan family itself. From Punkin's severe rock obsession to three dogs affected by Hurricane Katrina and many others, Cesar and his pack have helped rehabilitate even the worst cases. In this intimate and revealing episode, witness some memorable moments and experience the power of the pack.


Balance and Stability

I am especially proud of tonight’s "The Power of the Pack" episode because it gives me a chance to show, in a little bit more depth, how a stable pack can have a powerful influence over an unstable dog.

Dogs instinctively understand that, if they are unbalanced, they can get hurt by other members of an otherwise balanced pack. And their survival instincts always lead them back toward balance. (If only it were so simple for us humans!)

An animal’s natural “goal” is to be connected; to live harmoniously, grounded, and balanced. And as hard as it may be for our human egos to accept, animals don’t need us to achieve that state.

When a troubled dog changes from an unbalanced to a balanced state, he doesn’t question the transformation. He lives in the moment and doesn’t dwell on the past. That’s something humans can learn from animals, if we take the time to observe them.

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