Achieving Balance and Harmony


Out of Control French Bulldogs, a Spinning Miniature Schnauzer, and an Untrusting Lab/Chow/Shepherd Mix

Season 3 | Episode 11 |Skyler, Cassie & Tori

A psychiatric social worker who would love to have her four French bulldogs certified for pet therapy work can’t because the dogs are out of control at home. A miniature schnauzer’s compulsive spinning drives her canine housemates wild.

And a vet clinic asks Cesar to help a severely abused Lab/chow/shepherd mix learn to trust humans again.


Healing the Body, Mind, and Spirit

If your dog has experienced an injury, it’s important that his mental health gets healed as well as his body, which means reintroducing him to the pack as soon as he gets the okay from the vet.

Remember, like humans, dogs are social creatures. Their pack is their life. Just make sure the dogs he is with are balanced. If he’s been away from social behavior for a while, these dogs will help to gradually build his confidence. Plus, a controlled situation is best as opposed to a public dog park where the atmosphere can take on a free-for-all feel and make him feel anxious and frustrated.

Spinning Schnauzers

The pack is a hierarchy, which means while there is always one leader, there is also the one at the bottom, with everyone else kind of ranking in between. Often, the weakest dog is treated the worst. And this behavior cuts across all species—remember trying to fit in in high school?

Keep in mind, dogs sense weak energy and it’s a law of nature in the animal world that the group collectively try to stabilize that unstable energy for the health of the pack, or in our case, the family.

How Many is Too Many?

People often ask me, “How many is too many dogs for my pack?” Of course, it depends on where you live. People who live in small city apartments aren’t going to have as much room as someone who lives on a farm. But I don’t think the number of dogs you have matters as much as the energy you project. If you aren’t your pack’s leader, even two dogs, especially high-energy dogs, can create chaos.

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