Achieving Balance and Harmony


Patti LaBelle's Aggressive Guard Dog and a Dual-Personality Rottie/Shepherd Mix

Season 3 | Episode 12 | Dexter and Nasir

Singer Patti LaBelle is afraid of her guard dog, an aggressive 150-pound South African boerboel. A Chicago art teacher wants to unify her adopted Rottweiler/shepherd’s dual personality. Cesar takes creative control.


Fearful Aggression vs. Dominant Aggression with Special Guest Patti Labelle

Fearful aggression in dogs is often mistaken for dominant aggression, but the two are very different, as are the ways they need to be handled when it comes to rehabilitation and balance.

If you happen to be walking and spot an aggressive-looking dog in a gated yard, a fearful dog will first back away without focusing on you. He may bark but will only become aggressive if and when he finds himself cornered. Stop all movement when you see the dog back up. Don’t make eye contact. If he doesn’t sense a threat, he won’t go into that aggressive state.

A “red zone” dog just moves forward without hesitation, almost like he’s got you in his sights. Again, if you’re walking by a gated house and a dominant-aggressive dog rushes towards you, don’t panic and don’t make eye contact. Stay calm, don’t move, stand firm, and own your space until the dog backs off.

Pack Leader Power!

Much of what I teach is not about “dog training;” it’s about empowering people. So how do you increase your power or intensify your presence? Human beings take four different approaches: INSTINCTUALLY, which any animal can help you with, especially dogs. They don’t think, they act and react. You can also empower yourself INTELLECTUALLY, using a role model such as Tony Robbins or anyone you find motivating. People are also empowered EMOTIONALLY through people who express and feel love; and SPIRITUALLY, becoming empowered through a higher power.

I feel that knowledge is power, especially when it comes to dog rehabilitation. Once you own your personal power and become a calm-assertive leader in your own world, then you will be able to communicate better with the dog in your life.

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