Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Complex of Competing Dogs and Troublemaker Dogs

Season 3 | Episode 18 | Chuy, Jack, & Carmine

Cesar is called in to restore the peace at a "not-so" dog friendly apartment complex. When the residents of a North Hollywood apartment building moved in they assumed their pets would get along—they were wrong. Will Cesar be able to give these dogs an attitude makeover?

Then, meet the Diaz's—and their 3 canine troublemakers. Despite owning multiple businesses, the Diaz's can't seem to multi-task when it comes to controlling their dogs. Will Cesar be able to pacify this unruly mob?


Not So Good-Fellas

Your dog doesn’t care whether you’re a CEO or a typist, a movie star or a maid, a homemaker or a homeless person. What matters most is energy you project.

When you’re around dogs, it’s very important to be aware that they are always monitoring your energy and based on that, they’ll see you as a leader or a follower.

Now you all know that dogs respond to a leader projecting calm-assertive energy, but here’s something that’s even more interesting. Once I’ve helped clients become more self-aware of the energy they’re projecting with their own dogs, they use it to their benefit in their everyday lives. They become better bosses, better workers, and even better spouses!

Learn to recognize and control the energy you project and remember, everyone benefits from calm-assertive energy!

Canine Complex

All animals, humans included, are sensitive to the “vibes” of other animals.

So when you have a group of dogs living in an apartment complex with their people, they share an innate ability to recognize the energy of the others.

And when they’re a group of unstable dogs that doesn’t see their owners as pack leaders, they will try and create balance among each other. But the problem is, if they are unstable to begin with, their attempts to balance the other dogs can make a bad situation worse.

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