Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Possessive Italian Greyhound, a Mailman-Hating Mastiff, and an Appliance-Fearing Yorkie

Season 3 | Episode 7 | Dasher, Riley and Fosse

An Italian greyhound bites the hand that touches his toys; a 125-pound mastiff expands his grudge against the mailman to include skateboarders and other dogs; and a Yorkie has a shocking dislike of home appliances. Can Cesar help?


Ironing Out Fosse

If you find yourself laughing at your dog’s bad behavior, stop! To a dog, the energy he senses equals affection and excitement, and a good pack leader knows to never reinforce unwanted deeds. Make sure you’re able to distinguish harmless play and dominant or territorial behavior. Using the exercise, discipline, then affection rule will keep your little court jester from taking over control of your kingdom!

The Life of Riley

Large breed dogs like Riley don’t necessarily need big yards to live happy lives. Last time I was in New York City, I saw big dogs that lived in small apartments, yet appeared perfectly calm and balanced. Dogs’ needs are not met inside the house but outside through regular exercise and play. And because this burns energy, once inside, dogs tend to relax and remain calm and submissive.

Remember, it doesn’t matter if you keep your dog in a crate or on the grounds of a country estate. They will always be anxious and unbalanced if you don’t provide the proper exercise, discipline, and affection, in that order.

Demonic Dasher

When clients become afraid of their dogs, it presents a major roadblock to rehabilitation. To get past the problem, there first needs to be established trust and respect between owner and dog and I would recommend seeking the advice of a professional. In other words, if you don’t trust him, he can’t trust you back.

After working with a trainer, you must continue to practice with your dog on your own. Have your spouse, partner, or a friend become a “coach” and observe how you interact with the dog, making sure the energy and body language you are sharing remains calm and assertive.

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