Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Doggy-Daycare Delinquent Frenchie, Fighting Jack Russels, and Howling Beagles

Season 3 | Episode 8 | Fondue, Chip, Hope, & JoyJoy, and Elmer

A Hollywood couple had to turn down work because their French bulldog failed the Doggy Daycare entrance exam. Three Jack Russells began to fight each other when their owner got a serious boyfriend. A couple of beagles were fine walking together until one started howling at other dogs. Cesar works his canine magic.


Howling Beagle

There are lots of hunting breeds that live in big cities and owners need to be able to manage and control their natural hunting instincts. For these dogs, it’s all about senses: Getting the scent, spotting prey, and going after it.

Some dogs do have a lesser hunting drive and may never have a problem, but more determined dogs need to be able to channel the drive using any available resources.

The trick is to redirect his attention from your cat or the park squirrels by creating a kind of scavenger hunt for him, using his own toys or your old clothes. Let him get the scent of the object you want him to find, then hide the prize behind a tree or under a bush. It’s a great way for him to satisfy his desire for the hunt!

Doggy Day Care

These days, it’s a reality for many working people to board their pets while they’re away or to use a “dog day care” facility. This can be a very emotional process for many dog owners because you’re entrusting your beloved dog to a stranger.

Research a number of facilities before making a decision. Dog day care can be a fantastic pack experience for your pet if he is socialized on a regular basis. A reputable day care facility will turn away a dog with behavioral problems right from the start. Since they have a “pro-pack” approach to taking care of dogs, so insecure, fearful, aggressive, or dominant dogs do not make good candidates because it takes one unstable dog to send the whole place into chaos.

Breakup Dogs

There is a huge downside to consider if you’re thinking of adopting a dog to fill a personal gap, such as the loss of a loved one, the end of a relationship, or a job layoff.

When you are in mourning, animals sense a weak human energy. So when you’re at your emotional lowest and bring a dominant, anxious, aggressive, or high-energy dog into your home, they’re going to automatically assume the leadership position, which can sometimes be dangerous.

It’s much more important to have balance in your life in order to create a home for your new dog where you are the calm and assertive leader. Of course, people have the best intentions when they adopt a pet, but it’s best to rescue yourself first!

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