Achieving Balance and Harmony


Gavin, the ATF Dog

Season 4 | Episode 9 | Gavin, the ATF Dog

Gavin is a winsome Labrador retriever and a decorated K-9 explosive sniffing agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. Together with his handler, ATF Special Agent L.A. Bykowsky, Gavin has worked everything from Super Bowls to NASCAR events, to war zones. But in, 2005, following a 45 day stint in Iraq and two hurricanes that threatened L.A.’s home on the Florida coast, the formerly fearless Gavin started exhibiting severe symptoms of terror and began to shut down. After the storms, L.A. and her husband found Gavin trembling and crouching behind furniture. A Fourth of July fireworks display caused Gavin to run away and cower in a neighbor’s shower stall. Gavin is not only scared of storms and fireworks, he’s terrified of any loud noise, including the smoke detector. L.A.’s home is now a “house of horrors” for Gavin. Because of his aversion to loud sounds, Gavin is now retired from his ATF duties. L.A. wants Gavin to recover his old, heroic self and be able to enjoy his retirement. She calls in Cesar to rehabilitate him, using some new and very creative tactics.

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