Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Bullying Minature Pinscher, a Disabled Chihuahua Mix, and a pair of Out-of-Control Frenchies

Season 4 | Episode 1 | Kiko, Tootsie & Ginger, and Binkey

When Bricil Madero moved in with her soldier sister on base at Camp Pendleton, she never imagined that her miniature pinscher Kiko would bully everyone in the house. Binkey, a young Chihuahua mix born without her two front legs, won’t have anything to do with the wheelchair her owners devised.

Writer and director Mike White had no problems controlling the set of his new film Year of the Dog, but at home, French bulldogs Tootsie and Ginger are out of control. Will Cesar be able to call the right shots, or is this an inevitable case of life imitating art?


“Two-Legged” Dog

When I want to introduce a dog to a new tool, such as a dog “wheelchair,” I first visualize the dog with the tool, the way I would see using it. I want him to be successful and have a positive experience. You can’t have a negative attitude or energy when you’re introducing something new to your dog – especially if he doesn’t get it the first time.

The Enemy Within

When you deal with animals, you can’t expect them to rationalize your good intentions. And when it comes to training, clients often expect results too soon. Because of this, both the dog and the owner can become very frustrated. This can also create a fight-or-flight instinct within the dog, which can make it extremely difficult for him to achieve calm-submission.

To get the results you’re looking for, you first need to gain the dog’s trust and respect. And, above all, you need patience.

Year of the Dog

Your dog’s bad behavior is not funny. If your dog is aggressive or fearful with people or other dogs, it’s definitely no laughing matter. In fact, if you laugh off a bad behavior, you may be reinforcing her actions.

Remember, your energy is a trigger for your dog. If you’re projecting a type of fun, positive energy while she’s misbehaving, she’s going to think it’s okay.

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