Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Stubborn Yorkshire Terrier, an Aggressive German Shepherd Guard Dog, and Cry-Baby Shepherd

Season 4 | Episode 14 | Owen, Jerry, and Rocky

First, Cesar drops in on the Land of Oz to help Eden Espinosa of Broadway's Wicked quell the backstage drama with her obstinate Yorkshire Terrier Owen. Then, the Redemptorist brothers at Holy Redeemer College in Washington, D.C. need Cesar to redeem their aggressive guard dog, German Shepherd Jerry. Finally, Derek and Stephanie Clay can't persuade rescued Shepherd mix Rocky to stop crying. Cesar is called in to put a cork in this never-ending case of whine.


Unholy Terror

When a dog is transported to a new home which lacks a strong pack leader, it can lead to fear and insecurity. Jerry the German Shepherd had been adopted by an order of monks who once he arrived, were expecting him to project guarding behavior and were confused when he did not. Jerry's insecurity by the lack of direction in his new home resulted in him running away from the monastery. By running away, Jerry may have been trying to find a place where he could return to a normal state-of-mind.

After Jerry was found and returned to the monks, the dog sensed that they still didn't know what to do with him, which made him even more insecure and his resulting behavior was misinterpreted as aggression. But Jerry's instincts were telling him, "Okay, nobody's going to protect me, I have to protect myself."

Remember, if you become fearful in front of an insecure dog, you are displaying a weaker energy than him. That gives him leverage over you. What you need to do instead is get back to the basics. Focus on the walk and projecting calm-assertive energy. This is the most important part of establishing yourself as a pack leader with a new dog.

Cry Baby

A whining dog can be seen in three different ways. The first two reasons are normal reactions; he may sense something unusual that needs your attention, like carbon monoxide or smoke, or he's hurt, in which case, you would want to seek immediate medical attention from your vet.

But psychological whining is usually caused by anxiety and reinforced by owners. Because often when a dog whines, he receives attention. So, he has learned to manipulate that human reaction.

To correct this problem, you can either ignore the behavior or redirect the whining. Remember what I always say: Exercise, discipline, affection, in that order. And a tired dog is a less anxious dog. So grab the leash and give him a good, brisk, walk. You'll soon see the difference in his state of mind.

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