Achieving Balance and Harmony


An Aggressive Shiba Inu and a Lawn Mower-Attacking Wire Fox Terrier

Season 4 | Episode 15 | Marley and Piper

A Shiba Inu named Marley needs help with aggression, and a Wire Fox Terrier hunts an unlikey prey: the riding lawnmower.


Lawnmower Licker

The best way to approach a dog with an unfamiliar object is to utilize whatever motivates him and that can be through affection, food, or going to the door with the leash. Make him relate the unfamiliar object to a positive experience, while he is calm and submissive and without making him feel trapped.

Flight Attendants Dog

Marleys adoption was one of the riskiest because he was taken in sight unseen, something that I rarely, if ever, recommend. And because he acted like a feral dog, Marley didnt trust humans. Its almost like rescuing an African wild dog, coyote, or a dingo. These animals are unpredictable and lack traits that domestic dogs possess.

So, the first thing I knew Marley needed was a walk a LONG walk. This first step in his becoming a pet will show a bit of who he is and help him act more like a domestic dog.

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