Achieving Balance and Harmony


Anti-Social and Tantrum-Prone Shepherd Corgi Mix and Chocolate Lab

Season 4 | Episode 17 | Sasha & Angler

Cesar attempts to curb the anti-social behavior and food-driven tantrums of Sasha, a German Sheppard/ Corgi, and Angler, a blind chocolate Lab.


Blind Rage

Jackie Walker bought the chocolate Lab Angler as a mate for her other Lab Summer. But after about a month, Jackie noticed that Angler was blind, a condition which the vet seemed to think occurred during birth. Even though he is blind, Angler is able navigate around the house without any problems. Everything seems picture perfect, but Angler exhibits strange behavior around food. He tries to bite his hindquarters and attack his tail, sending him into a cyclonic pattern. This always happens in the middle and at the end of his meals. Jackie suspects its because Angler thinks something is after his food. Angler hasn't bitten anyone yet, but it is a concern that he might miss his tail and get Jackie's hand instead. Cesar arrives with a plan to end this food driven tantrum, but can he show Angler the way?

Anti-Social Sasha

Leasa and Craig Eisele had very different upbringings when it came to dogs. Leasa never had a dog, but always wanted one of her own and Craig grew up with dogs, but was never really crazy about them. Two years ago, they picked up Sasha from the pound. Though he is willing to support Leasa, Craig feels that Sasha is Leasa's responsibility. Sasha, a German shepherd/Corgi mix was given rules, boundaries, and limitations from the very beginning. She is perfect in the house, but outside she began showing aggression towards other dogs. She doesn't seem to understand how to interact with them and snarls and tries to bite the other dog's neck or face without warning. The Eiseles are at a loss of what to do now. Craig and Leasa would like Cesar to show them what they have done right and where they have gone wrong. But first, Cesar must convince Craig that in order to have a successful pack, both owners must be on board as pack leaders.

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