Achieving Balance and Harmony


Horse-Chasing Shepherd Mix and Spaniel Mix and Dog-Aggressive Schnauzer Poodle Mix

Season 5 | Episode 10 | Chloe, Hobo, Ali and Maxwell

Joan Blank had a high-powered career as a fashion executive until she quit her job to become a full time certified therapeutic riding instructor. At Strides/Sinlimites Therapeutic Riding Center, Joan strives to provide physically, mentally, and emotionally challenged individuals an opportunity for personal growth through horsemanship. The icing on the cake for Joan is that this working horse ranch allows her the freedom to bring her dogs to work.

Unfortunately Joan’s shepherd mix Chloe and Tibetan spaniel mix Hobo have a bad habit of chasing after the working horses. Meanwhile, a 22 year old mare named Cupcake is having troubles of her own. Her bucking and kicking often frightens the riders, many of which are children. Joan and the staff at Strides/Sinlimites are in desperate need of the ultimate tag team for canine and equine behavior. Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan rides in with Horse Whisperer Pat Parelli to insure that everything is OK at the Strides/Sinlimites Corral.

Downtown Ali

Tiffani Hamilton and her fiancé Jonathon McAllister have two dogs, 1-1/2 year old boxer Ali, and 3 year old Schnauzer Poodle mix Maxwell. Maxwell joined the family first, coming from a local shelter in 2005. Ali was adopted in 2007 from a different shelter, where Tiffani works. Although Ali is deaf, Jonathan and Tiffani have successfully taught him hand signals. But Ali is not the problem. The much smaller Maxwell is the family member with separation anxiety and extreme dog aggression. When Tiffani and Jonathon leave their apartment, they can hear Maxwell’s barking and whining all the way down the hall. On walks, this misbehaving mix will do anything to get to the other dogs that pass on the street – no matter their size. Living in downtown Los Angeles, Tiffani and Jonathan worry that Maxwell will get loose and either be hit by a car or hurt by another dog. Can Cesar teach some street smarts to this downtown dog?

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