Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Food, People, and Dog Aggressive American Bulldog

Season 5 | Episode 13 | Bella

When Nate Hedges purchased 9-week old American bulldog Bella, he was living in a late night party house where people were constantly in and out and up at all hours. Sometimes, Nate would be gone an entire weekend, leaving Bella alone. Nate’s lifestyle sent him into a downward spiral. After losing his job and home, Nate entered a sober living facility for 5 months. Bella was boarded the entire time. And while Nate cleaned up his act, Bella evolved into a food, people, and dog aggressive pet. If anyone, even Nate, gets near her bowl, she will growl, bark, and lunge. Nate is afraid she will hurt a person or another dog by biting or attacking them. If Bella’s behavior doesn’t change, Nate will be forced to find a new home for her or worse, euthanize her. Cesar comes in to give Bella a healthy dose of rehab. Can Cesar bring in this bulldog on the edge?

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