Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Panicked Doberman

Season 5 | Episode 15 | Baby Girl

Suzie Dove Miles, though known for being a “cat whisperer,” was set on getting another Doberman, similar to one she had earlier in life. When she learned of a fearful Doberman mix at a shelter, she was careful to assess its “cat friendliness” before adopting. But once at home, Suzie found that “fearful” was an understatement. Eight year old Baby Girl went straight to Suzie’s laundry room and lay down. She wouldn’t eat or go to the bathroom. Baby Girl crawled everywhere. She was terrified of the linoleum floors and even the open cupboards in Suzie’s kitchen. Whenever there was a loud noise, whether a car was backfiring or the cats playing above her head, Baby Girl would freeze in a catatonic state. Even worse, every night at 9:30, Disneyland sets off their fireworks, and inadvertently, Baby Girl’s panicked state. Suzie is familiar with Cesar’s methodology and has tried many exercises with Baby Girl, but Suzie feels like she has hit a wall. She needs Cesar’s expertise to bring this dodging Doberman back to being a real dog.

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