Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Chihuahua and Pug Showdown, an Overattentive Boston Terrier, and an Aggressive Five-Legged Min Pin

Season 5 | Episode 16 | Bella, Rocky, and Madison & Catalina

Andrew and Danielle Anderson decided early on that they wanted to get two dogs. They did the research and decided on two pugs, Madison and Catalina. Everything was perfect. But, after an incident with the neighbor’s dog and the addition of a stray Chihuahua mix to the pack, the Anderson’s amiable canines have gone after each other for blood. For no apparent reason, Madison stares down Catalina and chases her until she fights back. Andrew and Danielle are at a loss when it comes to stopping the dogs. Vocal commands simply won’t work. When the dogs get into that zone, they won’t listen to anything. They can only stop the fights by pulling them apart, or letting the fight run its course. One of the couple’s main concerns is that Chihuahua mix Sasha has recently started jumping into the brawls. With two pugnacious pugs and a Chihuahua mix champing at the bit, the Anderson’s are in desperate need of Cesar’s help. Will Cesar be able to quiet this quarrelsome duo and keep Sasha out of the ring?

The Life of Ryan

After their son Ryan’s relentless campaigning for a puppy, Kris and Lisa Alesna finally gave in and purchased Boston Terrier Bella from a local breeder. At first, Bella was a great puppy and it was an easy transition. She was house trained very quickly and passed a puppy training course. Unfortunately, as she grew older, Bella’s hyperactive personality started to create some tension with Ryan. As soon as Ryan wakes up in the morning, he is tormented by Bella. Wherever Ryan is, Bella will go straight for him. She’ll bite at his feet, or, if he’s on the couch with a blanket, she pulls his blanket off. She’ll continue biting at his pants, shoes, and backpack to the point that Ryan will get up on the table to avoid her. Ryan has had enough. He’s fed up with her constant attacks and is no longer interested in participating with the dog. Kris and Lisa would love for Ryan’s relationship with Bella to be healthy again, so they call in Cesar to put some fun into this dysfunctional relationship.

The Five-Legged Terror

Rocky, a Miniature Pinscher, spent the first year of his life in a dog pound in Mississippi. Unfortunately, no one wanted to adopt the freakish five-legged dog. But, when Todd Ray, owner of the Venice Beach Freak Show heard the news, he knew he had the perfect home for Rocky, additional appendage and all. Rocky joined Todd, his wife Danielle, and their two kids, Asia and Phoenix, and immediately showed his appreciation by biting every single one of them. On the Venice boardwalk, Rocky seems normal compared to the two-headed snake and the sword swallower, but his aggression toward passers-by makes for a different kind of show-stopping act. He tries to bite anyone that approaches him or moves by too fast. In the heart of “dogtown,” skateboarders are a constant challenge. Despite his vicious temper, the family loves Rocky, if only he were more people friendly. Can Cesar tame this monstrous freak of nature, or will Rocky continue to let his freak flag fly?

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