Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Walk-Fearing Akita

Season 5 | Episode 17 | Roscoe

When Jorge Huerta first laid eyes on six month old Akita Roscoe, the dog was running around the backyard and seemed like a normal, happy puppy. When the dog was brought into the house, however, Roscoe showed a deep fear and refused to approach Jorge. Jorge was won over nonetheless and brought the dog home to his family. From the very beginning, Roscoe has refused to go outside the family’s property. The only exception is if they accidently leave the front gate open and he can sneak out. No one from the family can be standing near the gate or in eye sight and even then, Roscoe will quickly return to the yard. Now, two years later, Roscoe remains extremely fearful of the outside. Jorge’s nephew, Robert, is the only one who can consistently put the leash on him. Once the leash is on, Roscoe will freeze and if Jorge tries to pull him to make him walk, Roscoe will frantically pull away and try to loosen the collar to free himself. Because of his fear, Roscoe has never gone for a walk. Cesar is called in to teach Roscoe to walk Cesar’s way.

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