Achieving Balance and Harmony


An Out of Control Yellow Lab Mix, a Socially Awkward Australian Shepherd, and an Over-Eating Weimaraner

Season 5 | Episode 18 | Harley, Annabelle and Memphis

Debbie Ruggiero fell in love with Harley when she spotted the 18 month old Yellow Lab mix in a kennel at the Spirit to be Free animal sanctuary. Out of the kennel, he was out of control but Debbie couldn’t bear to leave him there. She took him home and surprised her parents Pearl and Joe; they were less than thrilled. It’s not uncommon to wake up and find that Harley has dug up the lawn or un-potted some plants. If Debbie is facing Harley, he’ll jump up to her face. Worst of all, after Harley jumps on Debbie, he humps her. Debbie has tried to put her knee up and block Harley but it doesn’t help. Even when Debbie is sitting down, Harley will try to hump her. Debbie has tried to correct Harley by lying him down on the side, but all Harley does is wriggle around and playfully bite on her arm. It’s all she can do to pry him off her. Debbie’s parents can’t understand why Debbie would put up with Harley, but she’s not willing to give up. Can Cesar calm this revved up Harley?

Squealing Aussie

Heather and Chris Rupp got Annabelle when she was 10 weeks old from an Australian Shepherd breeder. Annabelle was the couple’s first dog and wanting thing to start out right, they enrolled her in puppy classes. Twice. From the beginning, Annabelle showed her excitability and whininess around other dogs. Heather and Chris tried to socialize Annabelle, but her whining and shrieking always caused other dogs to react in a negative way. When they take Annabelle to an off-leash dog park, she will run from group to group, trying to herd the dogs. She also runs to the gate and cause fights with new dogs entering the park. Walks, runs, and simply going to the beach have become very difficult due to Annabelle’s behavior. Heather & Chris have tried a variety of methods to break Annabelle of this terrible squealing, but have had zero success. They are truly at a loss with Annabelle. Can Cesar keep Annabelle from being socially awkward?

Counter Surfer

When Greg and Karen Cowell adopted their Weimaraner Memphis they were hoping he was over his peculiar eating disorder – scarfing everything in sight! Memphis had already had two surgeries to remove blockages before he came to live with the Cowells. As a professional counter surfer, Memphis’ insatiable appetite will devour any culinary creation left on the counter. If they turn their backs or leave the kitchen for just a second, Memphis scouts for food. He has even been known to lick dirty dishes soaking in soapy water. The Cowells have used squirt bottles, magazines, and mousetraps, but nothing seems to deter his determination. Karen’s dream outcome is to have Memphis stay out of the kitchen when he is commanded to do so. She also hopes that he will obey them when food is present and the family is eating. Cesar comes in to help give this wily Weimaraner some boundaries.

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