Achieving Balance and Harmony


Dog Issues at the Office and a Hyper Car-Riding Border Colling Mix

Season 5 | Episode 19 | Khia, Boo, Jack, Mafia, and Grady

Cesar Millan is an avid promoter of balance in the workplace, but when he comes across ad agency TBWA/CHIAT/DAY, he finds three dogs unwilling to play by the rules. Alice Pavlisko needs help with her Terrier/Shepherd mix Mafia who is less than welcoming to strangers. Michael Pourmohsen is constantly worried that his Miniature Pinscher/Chihuahua mix Jack will lash out at the other employees and dogs at the agency. Lastly, banished Rottweiler mix Grady is looking for a second chance to rejoin her owner Romy Flint at work. Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan travels to TBWA/Chiat/Day, the eighth largest advertising company in the world, in the hopes that he can help dog friendly office promote balance.

Pick Up Truck Dogs

To walk their bordier collie mixes Khia and Boo, Shawn and Phaedra Glidden load them into the back of their truck and take them to a nearby trail. They feel it’s worth the effort, and much safer than walking on their busy, narrow street. The dogs jump into the truck just fine and are calm when Shawn hooks them up to the safety leash. However, once the truck is started, Khia starts to pace and gets excited. At this point, she is unresponsive to vocal commands. She barks and barks and stresses Shawn and Phaedra to no end. Phaedra worries that Shawn pays too much attention to the dogs and not enough to the road. The Glidden’s would love to learn how to make Khia relax in the truck. Cesar offers the Gliddens three simple steps to a calmer, stress free travel package.

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