Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Pompous Welsh Sealyham Terrier, an Over-Excited English Mastiff, and Bad-Walking Tibetan Terrier

Season 5 | Episode 21 | Maxwell, Brooklyn, and Tipper

Sabrina Peukert fell in love with her Welsh Sealyham Terrier Maxwell’s cocky attitude. But Sabrina’s constant catering to Maxwell has gotten her nothing but two and a half years of pompous dominance. Giving affection to Maxwell is always on his terms. When Maxwell is sitting on the couch or the chair, Sabrina has to ask him for permission to sit down.When he finally lets her sit, he will lay on her and growl, occasionally snapping if she tries to move. He won’t even let Sabrina sing and dance in her home. Sabrina isn’t as worried about her safety as much as she is for her 10 year old daughter, Shannon’s. Cesar Millan comes in to dethrone Maxwell and reinstate Sabrina to her rightful place as pack leader.

Kid Flippin’ Mastiff

Woody Diaz and Balinda Ballinger live with Brooklyn, their high energy, 15 month old English Mastiff. When Woody and Balinda have guests, Brooklyn gets very excited, shooting down the couple’s driveway to greet the visitors. Balinda’s sister Lacretia and her three children like to come for visits, but the children are terrified of Brooklyn and her over-excited welcomes. Balinda’s nephew Michael has even been flipped into the air because of Brooklyn’s charging personality. Balinda and Woody would like Cesar to show them how to gain control of their dog at home, but can Cesar muster the strength to master this Mastiff?

Cesar’s 6 Step Plan for Calm Walks

The first time Pam Ovlen took Tipper, her Tibetan Terrier, out for a walk, she was in shock. At the first sight of a dog, Tipper went crazy. She squirmed, flipped, and made a horrible, screeching noise. Tipper performs this routine every time Pam comes across another dog on the walk. It doesn’t matter if the dog is on the street or behind a fence. Tipper goes nuts. The only thing Pam is able to do is drag Tipper away as fast as possible. She’s tried treats and making her sit, but it’s completely useless. Pam’s daughter Ashley tried to help, but even the two of them together are no match for the Tibetan terrier. Pam needs Cesar’s expertise to create a new routine for walking Tipper. Can Cesar trade this tradition in for a calmer experience?

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