Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Biting Great Dane and a Fearful Shepherd Mix

Season 5 | Episode 22 | Optimus & Gigi and Sissy

John & Maria Hiney went to a reputable breeder when picking out their next two dogs in a long line of Great Danes. But in hindsight, they felt they overlooked a significant omen when viewing the pups. The female, Gigi, behaved perfectly, but when John entered the kennel, the seven month old male, Optimus, bit him on the leg. The couple took both dogs home anyway, and within the first week, Optimus had bitten their neighbor. A couple weeks later, Optimus bit a family friend of the Hineys in the house. The pattern continued, and now at nineteen months, Optimus’ list of victims has grown. The Hineys hired a trainer, but none has been able to curb Optimus’ prime problem. John and Maria worry that they made a mistake adopting Optimus, but they have fallen in love with him nonetheless. Can Cesar transform Optimus’ snappy attitude into that of a more loving dog?

Agoura Animal Shelter

Four year old Sissy, a shepherd mix, was one of 104 dogs involved in a hoarding scandal in Palmdale, California. The dogs were found living in a feces- and urine-stained home that was declared unfit for habitation. Fifty-seven of the dogs were impounded and many of those were euthanized due to medical or behavior issues. Somehow, Sissy survived and wound up at the Agoura Animal Shelter. While the shelter has a very high adoption rate, they have yet to find a home for the fearful Sissy. Whenever someone enters her cage, she submissively pees. She often bolts for the door and if she’s on the leash, she’ll run to the end of it in an attempt to get away. She has never been comfortable around humans or other dogs and does not seem to enjoy physical affection. Volunteer Rob Lerner has made it his goal to find a home for Sissy, but he can’t do it without Cesar’s help.

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