Achieving Balance and Harmony


An Angry Chihuahua, an Anxoius Pomeranian, a Cough-Fearing Dog

Season 5 | Episode 5 | Stanley, Shoven and Leo

Alison Smith found Stanley, a surly Chihuahua mix, while volunteering at the ASPCA in New York. He instantly bonded with Alison and adjusted to life with her, but everything changed after they made the move cross country to Los Angeles. It started when Stanley ran up to a jogger who was passing by and bit him on the leg. The jogger reported the incident and Stanley had to be quarantined for ten days.

Upon his return, Stanley was much more aggressive to dogs, visitors in the house, and passersby. When someone knocks on the door, Alison stashes Stanley in the bedroom. Even worse, he usually tries to attack her when she leaves. Now, Alison feels like a leper in her own neighborhood. She hired two trainers to help Stanley, but she has only succeeded in training other dog owners to cross the street when they see her and Stanley on a walk. Allison is at a loss of what to do. Can Cesar sanitize Stanley’s surly demeanor?

Shushing Shoven

Barry and Debbie Fisher are a happily married couple in Newbury Park, California and the proud owners of two Pomeranians: Shoven and Gina. From the moment the Fishers wake up, Shoven watches them anxiously, dreading the moment they leave for work. When Barry closes the door, they can hear Shoven’s shrill bark all the way to the car, and they are greeted with the same sound when they arrive home in the evening. Shoven’s separation anxiety doesn’t stop there. Shoven will go into a whirling, uncontrollable frenzy whenever anyone leaves the car he is riding in. Debbie and Barry would love to incorporate Shoven into the lives more, but they fear if they take him anywhere that he will jump out of the car window or sneak out the door. Because of his small stature, he could easily hurt himself or zip out under another car and get hit. The Fishers are tired of casting for a solution. Can Cesar calm this problematic Pomeranian?

Nail in the Coughin’

About two years ago, Lori Polydoros and her husband Dan Hubbard found Leo at the Orange County Animal Shelter. He displayed fear aggression right away, but with the help of a trainer, Lori was able to work that issue out. Since then, Leo has developed a peculiar issue. Whenever Lori coughs, Leo will go out the doggie door to the backyard and climb up onto the fence and walk around, as if on a tight rope. If anyone else coughs, Leo doesn’t react. Now it’s to the point where, when Lori is sick, she strains to avoid coughing so that he won’t try to run away. This is distressing because he sometimes falls off and hurts himself or he jumps off the other side and runs away. When he gets out of the backyard, he loves cruising around the neighborhood. He’s been found by the neighbors several times and has shown up at the local shelter twice. Lori has even found him pawing at their front door at 2am. Lori and Dan’s dream outcome would be to have a less anxious dog. They want Leo to be comfortable in the house and not feel like he needs to escape. Can Cesar cure this canine’s crazy condition?

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