Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Pair of Aggressive Wolf Hybrids and a Toy-Aggressive Chihuahua

Season 5 | Episode 6 | Hyde & Vada and Nacho

Holly Thacker and Robert Edman started looking for a dog about three years ago. They wanted to get something out of the ordinary and ultimately decided on a wolf hybrid. They first bought Hyde, but within a week, they were contacted by another breeder who told them about Vada.

The two dogs joined Robert, Holly, and their menagerie of exotic animals without incident. But after a couple of months, Hyde began displaying food aggression, growling when anyone approached him during feeding time. Then, Vada began displaying dog aggression on walks, and it wasn’t long before Hyde followed suit. Unfortunately, Hyde’s aggression is much more vicious than Vada’s. Hyde gets on his hind legs, bares his teeth, and lunges for the other dogs. Weighing more than one hundred pounds, he is very difficult to control. Cesar must help these wild wolves get used to domestic bliss, but do Holly and Robert have what it takes to answer Cesar’s call of the wild?

Little Vicious Nacho

Daniel and Gloria Don have been married for 35 years. In that time, they’ve had many dogs and never had a problem until now. Chihuahua Nacho was 2 months old when Daniel brought him home as a gift and Gloria immediately fell in love with him. At first, Nacho didn’t have any problems, but when he was a little over a year old, Gloria was sitting with him on a camping trip and a little boy came up to meet him. Out of the blue, Nacho bit the boy. Gloria was shocked. Since then, everything has changed. Much of Nacho’s aggression often comes out when he has a toy. If you try to take it away from him, he’ll bite. He’s also very possessive of Gloria who claims she has established herself as his leader, but still can’t prevent his misbehavior. Luke Kimball, Gloria and Daniel’s 14 year old grandson and frequent visitor has a love-hate relationship with Nacho. Luke admits his play often encourages aggression in Nacho – a dangerous game between them. The Dons need Cesar to show Daniel and Luke how to be Nacho’s pack leader. Can Cesar take the bite out of this spicy Nacho?

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