Achieving Balance and Harmony


A Male-Fearing Bassett Hound and a Night-Fearing Blue Heeler Mix

Season 5 | Episode 7 | Sadie and Calder

When their two children started begging for a dog, Allen and Erin Carrasco warmed to the idea. Then they saw Basset Hound Sadie on the news and instantly fell in love with her droopy face. She had no visible issues at her foster home, but once adopted by the Carrascos, her fear of Allen was apparent. Sadie whined and moaned whenever Allen was around. She shook if placed in Allen’s lap, and refused to approach him, even when he offered her treats. Now, a year later, nothing changed Sadie’s behavior toward Allen. She still moans, whines, and tries to avoid him. If Allen pushes the issue and gets too close to her, eventually she just rolls over and pees. Making matters worse, the couple cannot agree on the sourced of the problem. Allen blames Erin, saying she doesn’t follow through. Erin points the finger at Allen, saying he resents Sadie too much. Erin thinks they can work out the issues, but Allen insists it will never resolve unless Erin takes stronger steps to correct the situation. Now it’s up to Cesar to remove this bone of contention between the couple and help Sadie warm up to Allen. Can Cesar help the Carrascos find some common ground?

Blue Heeler Bedtime Blues

Joe Janiga and his wife Margretta Hansen both had dogs growing up, but their blue heeler mix Calder is the first dog the couple has raised together. Now six years old, Calder is a great dog by day, but bedtime rituals unleash unwelcome night terrors. As soon as Margretta or Joe starts walking down the hallway towards the bedroom Calder becomes very anxious. He circles around, growls, and whines in the bedroom and if someone closes the door on him, he’ll throw himself against the door and bark ferociously. Margretta and Joe are not afraid of Calder. His behavior is more stressful than anything else, especially when they’re trying to wind down at the end of the day. Can Cesar corral Calder and ease these blue heeler bedtime blues?

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