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Chihuahuas from Hell

Season 5 | Episode 8 | Paris, Bandit, NuNu, Amalie, Peanut

“Chihuahua’s from Hell” highlights the demonic demeanors of one of Dog Whisperer’s most challenging breeds. In this one-hour special, Cesar revisits the hellacious stories of Paris, Bandit, and NuNu as well more recent stories like Amalie, the Mastiff dominating Chihuahua mix. Peanut, another devil dog, terrorized her owner’s family with her salty disposition.

Nacho proved to be a rather unappetizing dish for Gloria Don and her grandson Luke. And Binkey’s two legged tantrums were a challenge for Sylvie and Jon Forrest. But these Chihuahuas pale in comparison to the ruler of them all – El Diablo. Liesl Wilhardt adopted El Diablo in an attempt to turn around his aggression toward people, and as Cesar Millan points out, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. With updates on past stories and the redeeming journey of El Diablo, Cesar shows how even a Chihuahua from Hell can be heaven sent.

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