Achieving Balance and Harmony


A rough-housing soft coated Wheaton terrier, a kitchen appliance-fearing Jack Russel, and a floor-fearing black Lab

Season 5 | Episode 9 | Charlotte, Elvis and Jack

When soap opera star Eileen Davidson and World Poker Tour host Vince Van Patten decided to get a dog for their family, they opted for a Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier puppy. As soon as the dog, named Charlotte, arrived at the house, she jumped out of the car, pounced on their son Jesse, and caused him to fall and hit his head on the bumper of their car.

Jesse got off to a rocky start with Charlotte, but after a couple weeks developed a love-hate relationship with her. Playtime with Charlotte often turns a little rough. Charlotte bites and wrestles with Jesse and sometimes Jesse will even bite her back. When Jesse or any of the other kids are in the pool, Charlotte jumps in and tries to get at them. Even though she is just playing, she claws at the children and often scares them. Eileen and Vince are ready to control this puppy behavior before it gets out of hand and someone is seriously hurt. Cesar arrives to help this Hollywood couple and the rest of their family find some peace with their new puppy.

The Unstoppable Elvis

Jack Russell Terrier Elvis came into Alex Tillson’s life in 1999 when she purchased him from a breeder. She had done her research and had met Elvis’ parents and saw nothing unusual about them. But ever since he was a puppy, Elvis has had a weird fixation with the dishwasher and garbage disposal. Elvis has been known to jump 3 feet straight into the air when Alex or her husband Bill uses the garbage disposal. And each time the dishwasher starts, Elvis lunges at it. Elvis’ aggression isn’t just toward home appliances, it also applies to dogs. The first indication of Elvis’ dog aggression problems took place when a dog barked and startled Elvis as a puppy. From that point on, Elvis was skittish around other dogs, and over the next few years the trend worsened and Elvis’ dog aggression grew. He just wanted to kill other dogs. Bill and Alex are tired of Elvis’ kitchen tantrums and his animosity toward other dogs. Cesar offers to help Elvis sing a different tune, but can he make Elvis’ dog and appliance aggression leave the building?

K-9 Phobia

Jim Solis has been a Fish and Game Warden for 23 years and since detection K-9s are a big part of his career, he thought that his 3 ½ year old black Lab Jack would be a perfect fit as his partner. Jim had Jack evaluated and Jack did very well. He’s great at using his nose and has excellent prey drive which is mandatory to become a detection K-9. But in order for Jack to be enrolled into the K-9 Program, he must get over his apprehension of slick and shiny floors. Once Jack enters a room with linoleum or tile floors, his tail goes between his legs and he has to be coaxed or dragged in. As a Detection K-9, Jack needs to enter many kinds of buildings and structures – airports, boats, kitchens, bathrooms, and post offices without any hesitation and be able to concentrate on finding contraband or evidence. Jim is unsure where this fear started, but he knows it must end if Jack is to become a Detection K-9. Cesar travels to the central coast of California to help Jack become a true working dog.

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